Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Admor Promotions and level 3:

Level 3 restrictions mean that we will be like most small business attempting to conduct business as much as possible.

The guidelines published by the government are as follows:
•    Businesses only accessed by the staff, and without a customer-facing function, such as building and construction or forestry can open under strict health and safety and physical distancing rules.
•    Businesses that are accessed by the public or customers such as retail, hardware stores and restaurants can open but only for online or phone purchases and contactless delivery or click and collect.
Due to the nature of our business I believe we can be operating as soon as the downgrade happens, with a few minor but important changes.  As usual all orders, proofing and confirmations will be done via email or telephone.  

Delivery of goods to our premises
All goods must be delivered to us will be by courier, we will have a dedicated area for the courier to deliver goods, and they have contactless scanning to confirm delivery.

Pickup of goods from our premises
No personal pickups will be available.  All goods will be dispatched by courier.  There will be a charge per box within Hamilton.  Areas outside of Hamilton will be charged based on the size of the box as per usual.   

Due to the nature of our business we will be able to maintain physical distancing reasonably easily whilst completing your jobs.  The health and safety of my staff and their families is my primary concern, so I do ask you to respect the changes that we will be putting in place.  The showroom door will be locked so we can control the flow of "walk ins".

We want to be back into normal business as soon as possible, and we certainly don't want to be in a situation where we are forced back into level 4 because of a breach of safety procedures.

The team at Admor Promotions